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Welcome Coaches

Dear Coach,

Thank you for your interest in the Advantage website. We are excited to enter a new season using our website to provide referees and coaches with online resources and a central location for communication.  We hope our central hub will accentuate our efforts to promote national consistency in NCAA Water Polo officiating.

There is no registration fee.  Registration will give you access to all material on the central hub.

Although this site is geared towards improving the quality and consistency of officiating throughout the country, we believe that this site can also help improve communication between referees, evaluators, and coaches. As a coach, if you have a situation that needs clarification, please send me a video clip. I have the capacity to put it up on the site, along with an explanation of the correct application of the rules, and send an email out to every registered user alerting them that there is something new on the site that requires their attention.

After registering, please take some time to review the website resources.  The newest rules video, highlighting three areas of interest going into the men's season, is now on-line. We hope to be adding new content regularly, and your contributions of interesting situations caught on video are essential. We also welcome and appreciate your comments on ways we can better serve you through this website.

Have a great season!

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